On the Issues

I am excited about the opportunity to serve the good people of our community – my friends and neighbors. You can count on me to be a voice of reason and progress in the legislature.  I pledge to work with members of both parties in finding common sense solutions to move South Carolina forward.


Education is the key to preparing our children for the jobs of the future.   Fully funding our public schools, innovation, and technology are key components of my education platform.  We also must look for ways to make college more affordable for all South Carolina students who are eligible.


Sadly, we still lead the nation in areas like domestic violence and DUI fatalities. As your representative, I will work with the law enforcement community and fight for laws and programs that will get results.  We will continue to improve the safety and security in our neighborhoods and keep children safe in their schools.


As a businesswoman and a fiscal conservative, I believe we must do a better job in how we spend our tax dollars.  Our state budgeting process needs reform.  Funding the key functions of government and cutting waste will be my mission.


Our state and county are fortunate to have beautiful lakes, parks, wildlife and other natural resources.  I want future generations to enjoy the same quality of life that we do, and as your legislator, I will be a strong voice for environmental protection.

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